About Biogas USA 2020 Virtual Conference

Wisdom is proud and excited to announce the remote gathering of the US Biogas industry for an online conference.

This gathering is in response to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and the associated restrictions on travel and physical event attendance. This is our solution to bring the US Biogas ecosystem together under one digital roof.

It’s now easy for you to join this event and hear the latest content from an unparalleled speaker line-up. The ability for you to network, seek business opportunities and stay in touch with your colleagues is also there for you.

Our virtual conference initiative digitises, for the first time ever, the Wisdom’s 2020 portfolio of events, including Biogas USA, bringing the knowledge and ‘how to’ straight to your screen.

At Wisdom we remain positive that ‘normality’ will soon return and that we will be able to physically meet together as speakers, delegates and sponsors at our beautiful venues around the world. Nevertheless, we believe that the virtual initiative offered now is significant and of great benefit and value to your businesses and their continued development during these challenging days.

Not only does this virtual event require a smaller financial investment for you, it provides flexible access to content from the comfort of your own home, and allows you to have the same opportunity to conduct face-to-face and business meetings as you would have had at a Live event. We look forward to welcoming you

Why attend


  • One-to-One Video Buyers and Sellers meetings
  • Attend the event from the comfort of your own home
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest biogas issues
  • Hear from an unparalleled speaker line-up
  • Network
  • Seek business opportunities
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues



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